Washington Post

The Washington Post is a newspaper covering news and events in Washington, DC. It is also commonly thought of as a “national newspaper” for the United States because it tends to cover news of national interest as much as (or more than) events specific to the local area.

The Washington Post newspaper and online site have been owned by Amazon.com Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos since 2103, though the newspaper is not part of the Amazon family of companies. It is technically owned by a holding company, Nash Holdings LLC, created by Bezos upon making the purchase.

The paper was founded in 1877 and went through a number of owners before being acquired out of bankruptcy in 1933. That purchase began a run of over 70 years in which the paper was controlled chiefly by a member of the Meyer/Graham family, most famously Katharine Graham, who ran the paper for roughly 30 years from the early 1960s to the early 1990s.