Vegas World – Online Casino Games

vegas-worldVegas World is an online virtual world where visitors can play casino games in a social environment. It offers games as entertainment and does not allow gambling with real money.

Vegas World’s business model follows the “freemium” strategy: while games can be played for free, there are paid “VIP” memberships that open up features not available to free members. In addition, there is an in-game currency that be used to buy virtual items such as clothes or hotel suites used by your on-screen avatar. (An avatar is an online representation of a person.)

Vegas World mobile apps are available for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Vegas World is owned by FlowPlay, which describes itself as “a developer of browser-based virtual world technology and multi-platform games.”

Vegas World offers a discussion forum that allows players to talk to each other about game strategies and about the site in general. Its Facebook page often features coupons for freebies to use in Vegas World.

Vegas World offers an affiliate program that allows owners of other sites to advertise Vegas World and get commissions when their referrals turn into paying Vegas World customers.