Seattle Food Jobs

seattle-food-jobsIf you are looking to start or continue a job in foodservice in the Seattle area, whether it be restaurant work or some other type of food & beverage job, below we offer some thoughts on the best sites to use to find these jobs:

  • specializes in food and beverage jobs in various cities. This link takes you to the Seattle area food jobs.
  • Craigslist Seattle-Tacoma Food, Beverage & Hospitality Jobs – Craigslist always has plenty of jobs, though it’s not always the easiest site to sort through. You do have the option to break these F&B jobs down by full-time/part-time, keyword, etc.
  • Indeed – Large employment site has plenty of Seattle food & restaurant jobs; you’ll want to narrow the choices if you have a specific skill or job type you’re going for.
  • Glassdoor – Over 4,000 jobs tagged with “food” in the Seattle area. You can change your keyword search at the site to narrow the list.