Honda 600 Motorcycles

honda-600Honda 600 motorcycles are middleweight sport motorcycles. The Honda CBR600RR is the currently offered 600 series bike.

The Honda CBR600F (“Hurricane 600”) was first introduced in 1987. In sport bike history it is seen as a breakthrough bike, with its “jelly mold” fairing (a shell over the frame to decrease air resistance), lighter weight, and speed. Compared to its main competitor of the era, the Kawasaki GPZ600R, the Hurricane 600’s 82bhp (brake horsepower) beat the Kawasaki’s 75bhp and it weighed about 28lbs. less.
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Athletic Training Internships

Athletic training internships allow aspiring athletic trainers to work alongside real athletic trainers in a real-world setting, giving students experience in the field and possibly a foot in the door toward their first real jobs in the industry.

Finding an athletic training internship can be difficult. While job sites like Indeed have a few random listings, you will probably need to do your own legwork to target potential teams or schools or athletic facilities.

Many internships will be found through the school where you got (or are getting) your athletic training degree, because the teams that want these types of interns will often contact local schools without making this opportunity available to the general public. Be sure you are alert to new internship leads from your school.
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Cincinnati Bengals

bengals-logoThe Cincinnati Bengals are an American professional football team representing Cincinnati, Ohio, in the National Football League. The Bengals play their home games in Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati.
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Spoken Impact

Spoken Impact is a company that helps public presenters improve their speaking performances. In particular, the company works with business people to help them improve their vocal delivery as well as improve their presentations in terms of content and structure.

The company is located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Specifically, the company address is 1660 South Hwy 100, Suite 500, St. Louis Park, MN 55416. The company phone number is 952-697-3560.
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Chip Myers

Chip_MyersChip Myers (given name Phillip Leon Meyers III) was a professional football player who played wide receiver mainly for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1970s. Myers died of a heart attack on February 23, 1999 at 53 years old. (His birth date was July 9, 1945.)

Myers began his professional football career with the San Francisco 49ers in 1967, catching just 2 passes. After a year of playing minor league football, Myers signed with Cincinnati for the 1969 season. He caught 10 passes in his first year with the team. His best season came in 1972, when Myers caught 57 passes for 792 yards and made the Pro Bowl. Myers’ final season with Cincinnati and in the NFL came in 1976. (See full career statistics here.)
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Florida Division of Corporations

sunbizThe Florida Division of Corporations is the state’s central agency for keeping track of businesses operating within the state. Its Web site,, offers a searchable index of businesses as well as a variety of information and services for businesses and their customers. The Division of Corporations is part of the Florida Department of State.

New businesses in Florida can find filing information on the Sunbiz site, including information on filing as a corporation, LLC, limited partnership, fictitious name, or non-profit corporation.
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600-Gallon Aquariums

600-gallon-aquariumA 600-gallon aquarium is much larger than your standard home aquarium. These types of aquariums are not easy to find; in many cases you would need to have a custom tank made.

Or make one yourself: This discussion forum post is from a person who made a DIY 600-gallon(ish) aquarium. It includes pictures and plans/drawings. This one features photos going from construction of the aquarium to filling it with rocks, plants, and eventually fish. In this forum conversation, several people talk about what it might take to build a 600-gallon aquarium from scratch. This discussion features a video of a custom 600-gallon tank and pictures of the complete room setup.
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Scream Queens Season 2

The second season of Scream Queens, which aired on Fox in the fall of 2016, featured a switch in location. Instead of Season One’s Kappa Kappa Tau sorority at Wallace University, the Season Two setting is a hospital that has been purchased by Dr. Cathy Munsch (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). It just so happens that many of the characters from the first season of Scream Queens are now working at this hospital in some capacity.

A new serial killer is on the scene in Season 2, the “Green Meanie.”
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Sunny 101.5

Sunny 101.5 is an FM radio station in Mishawaka, Indiana that plays the music of the “80s, 90s, and Today”. The station is owned by Midwest Family Broadcasting, and its call letters are WSBT. Midwest Family Broadcasting also owns three other northern Indiana radio stations: WNSN, WZOC, and WHFB.

In addition to listening on the radio, Sunny 101.5 gives you the option to listen live over the Internet.
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PC World (Magazine)

pc-world-magazine-logoPC World is an online magazine site offering news and reviews concerning the latest computer technology products, including desktop and laptop computers and computer software as well as mobile devices and mobile software. It is not related to the PC World UK retail store chain.

PC World was founded in March of 1983, launched by previous members of the staff of PC Magazine after that publication’s sale to Ziff-Davis Publishing. It is owned by IDG (International Data Group), which also owns technology publications/sites including Macworld and TechHive. It is based in San Francisco, California, with an address of 501 Second Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA, 94107.
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Gymnastics Tulsa

gymnastics-tulsaTulsa, Oklahoma has a number of gymnastics facilities and activities:

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War of Conquest

War of Conquest is/was an online game in which players build and defend their “nations” against the advances of other players. At the same time, players attempt to conquer more land to add to their nations.

The original War of Conquest was a Flash-based multiplayer game with very basic graphics, but it was one of the early online games utilizing in-game currency and microtransactions. It shut down in 2011.
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Tulsa World of Gymnastics Birthday Parties

tulsa-world-gymnasticsChildren turning 6 or younger can have their birthday parties at Tulsa World of Gymnastics on Fridays or Saturdays. Parties happen in the facility’s Kinder-Gym and kids can enjoy equipment including climbing ropes, balance beams, chutes and ladders, tunnels, trampolines, and a “marshmallow foam pit.”
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Craigslist Chicago

Craigslist Chicago is the Chicago, Illinois-area version of the popular Craigslist classified ads site. It includes ads for available jobs, items for sale, apartments for rent, and services available in the Chicago area. It also includes areas for upcoming events, discussion forums on various topics, and personal ads.

Most ads are free to post on Craigslist Chicago. However, employers advertising jobs must pay $45 per job category in which their ads are listed. There are also fees for therapeutic service ads and ads from dealers in certain for-sale categories.
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Tulsa World

tulsa-world-logoTulsa World is the major newspaper serving Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also has an online presence at It is the second-largest newspaper in Oklahoma by circulation, behind The Oklahoman. It has been Tulsa’s only daily paper since 1992 (when the afternoon Tulsa Tribune newspaper closed).
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Craigslist Seattle-Tacoma Jobs

seattle-jobsOne of the more popular areas of the Craigslist Seattle-Tacoma site (or really any of the Craigslist sites) is the jobs section. Job seekers can check out available jobs for free, while those posting jobs must pay $45 per post.

If you are seeking a job, you can choose a job category from the site’s home page, or you can go to a list of every single job posted and use the search features to narrow jobs by location, keyword, full time or part time, etc.
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Bailei Knight

baileiknightBailei Knight is the daughter of music producer Suge Knight and singer Michel’le (Toussant). Bailei was born in 2002.

Toussant said in a 2015 interview that she had let Bailei watch footage of Suge Knight hitting two men with his truck, killing one of them. Suge Knight has been charged with murder and attempted murder in that case.
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