World Santa Claus Congress

wsccThe World Santa Claus Congress is a yearly event held near Copenhagen, Denmark each July, bringing together people from all over the world who portray Santa Claus for fun and/or profit. The event allows participants and spectators to see differences in portrayals of Santa from around the world, and allows the Santas to exchange information and socialize with others who play the part.
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Car Trailers

car-trailerA car trailer, sometimes known as a car hauler, is a trailer large enough to carry a car. In most cases, this trailer would then be attached to a truck in order to move the car from place to place. There are multiple types of car trailers, but the major types are enclosed trailers and open deck trailers. Enclosed trailers protect the car from weather and other road hazards while open trailers obviously do not. Enclosed car trailers are more expensive, however.
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Hot Dog Carts For Sale

If you want to run a hot dog cart, you’re obviously going to need a cart to keep your inventory hot and on-hand, and to also serve as your place of business. Here is a list of places where you can buy new or used hot dog carts:

  • Hot Dog Cart Store – Offers seven different types of new hot dog carts for sale, or get the DVD set that tells you how to build your own cart (if you’re very handy).
  • Used Hot Dog Carts on eBay – Used hot dog carts and tabletop hot dog rollers from sellers across the country.

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Craigslist Seattle Food & Restaurant Jobs

craigslist-seattle-food-jobsThe Seattle-Tacoma version of the popular Craigslist classified ads site offers a section within its job listings specific to Food, Beverage & Hospitality (abbreviated as “food / bev / hosp” on the site’s home page). This section includes a wide variety of local full-time or part-time restaurant positions including manager, server, bartender, cook/chef, counter person, busser, etc. It also includes other types of food & beverage jobs such as delivery jobs, catering jobs, bakery jobs, coffee shop baristas, and more.
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Phil Monkress

Phil Monkress is the owner, CEO & President of All Points Logistics, a Merritt Island, Florida company that provides a variety of outsourced services to government entities on a contract basis. He joined All Points in 1999 as Chief Operating Officer and took full ownership of the company in 2009.

Monkress is also listed on his LinkedIn profile as the CEO of Ulterliner, Inc., though it is difficult to find further information on what Ulterliner does.
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Old World Santa Claus

old-world-santaOld World Santa Claus is a term for “pre-Santa” or alternative Christmas personas with names such as St. Nicholas (who was a real 3rd century bishop in what is now Turkey), Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Kris Kringle, Belsnickel, etc. These old World Santas served a similar gift-giving symbolic purpose but did not necessarily share the same overall look as the chubby, jolly Santa Claus so commonly pictured today. Old World Santas generally have their roots in Europe.
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Motorcycle Dealers in Massachusetts

Below is a partial list of motorcycle dealers in the state of Massachusetts:


  • Cycles! 128 – Located in Beverly, MA, about half an hour northeast of Boston. Offers a wide range of motorcycle brands — Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, KTM, Kymco, MV Agusta, Can-Am, Triumph, plus used bikes.
  • Greater Boston Motorsports – Located in Arlington, about a half hour northwest of Boston, this dealer offers BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Kymco, and Suzuki bikes.
  • Parkway Cycle – Located in Everett, MA, near Boston. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Can-Am and Kymco motorcycles sold new, plus a selection of used bikes.

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New Movies

new-moviesNew movies are released to the public in movie theaters each week. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) offers a list of movies being released each Friday as well as a list of movies to be released the Friday after that, all with plot summaries and a list of actors in each movie. Movie Insider shows new releases as well as future releases. is a good source for trailers of new movies — choose “Out Now” or “Coming Soon”.

IMDb’s Upcoming Releases Calendar is a good way to find new movies with limited releases, such as indie movies and documentaries.
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Used Motorcycles in Austin, Texas

There are many options for used motorcycles in Austin, TX, including both dealers and private owner sales. Below we list some of your best options:

  • Craigslist Austin – When you click through this link, you’ll see hundreds of used motorcycles from private owners and local Austin area dealers.
  • Woods Fun Center – Used motorcycles as well as ATVs and other fun on wheels. Address: 11405 North IH-35 Austin, TX 78753. Phone number: 512-459-3311.

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Honda 600 Motorcycles

honda-600Honda 600 motorcycles are middleweight sport motorcycles. The Honda CBR600RR is the currently offered 600 series bike.

The Honda CBR600F (“Hurricane 600”) was first introduced in 1987. In sport bike history it is seen as a breakthrough bike, with its “jelly mold” fairing (a shell over the frame to decrease air resistance), lighter weight, and speed. Compared to its main competitor of the era, the Kawasaki GPZ600R, the Hurricane 600’s 82bhp (brake horsepower) beat the Kawasaki’s 75bhp and it weighed about 28lbs. less.
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Athletic Training Internships

Athletic training internships allow aspiring athletic trainers to work alongside real athletic trainers in a real-world setting, giving students experience in the field and possibly a foot in the door toward their first real jobs in the industry.

Finding an athletic training internship can be difficult. While job sites like Indeed have a few random listings, you will probably need to do your own legwork to target potential teams or schools or athletic facilities.

Many internships will be found through the school where you got (or are getting) your athletic training degree, because the teams that want these types of interns will often contact local schools without making this opportunity available to the general public. Be sure you are alert to new internship leads from your school.
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Cincinnati Bengals

bengals-logoThe Cincinnati Bengals are an American professional football team representing Cincinnati, Ohio, in the National Football League. The Bengals play their home games in Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati.
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Spoken Impact

Spoken Impact is a company that helps public presenters improve their speaking performances. In particular, the company works with business people to help them improve their vocal delivery as well as improve their presentations in terms of content and structure.

The company is located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Specifically, the company address is 1660 South Hwy 100, Suite 500, St. Louis Park, MN 55416. The company phone number is 952-697-3560.
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Chip Myers

Chip_MyersChip Myers (given name Phillip Leon Meyers III) was a professional football player who played wide receiver mainly for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1970s. Myers died of a heart attack on February 23, 1999 at 53 years old. (His birth date was July 9, 1945.)

Myers began his professional football career with the San Francisco 49ers in 1967, catching just 2 passes. After a year of playing minor league football, Myers signed with Cincinnati for the 1969 season. He caught 10 passes in his first year with the team. His best season came in 1972, when Myers caught 57 passes for 792 yards and made the Pro Bowl. Myers’ final season with Cincinnati and in the NFL came in 1976. (See full career statistics here.)
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Florida Division of Corporations

sunbizThe Florida Division of Corporations is the state’s central agency for keeping track of businesses operating within the state. Its Web site,, offers a searchable index of businesses as well as a variety of information and services for businesses and their customers. The Division of Corporations is part of the Florida Department of State.

New businesses in Florida can find filing information on the Sunbiz site, including information on filing as a corporation, LLC, limited partnership, fictitious name, or non-profit corporation.
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