Craigslist Seattle – Jobs Wanted

craigslist-seattle-jobs-wantedThe Seattle-area version of Craigslist (like all Craigslist city sites) offers a “resumes” area for people to post their skills (and a résumé if they like) in order to possibly match their abilities to the needs of a local employer.

These are “job wanted” ads, meaning they are not posted in response to a particular job listed on the site. The person posting is simply hoping that a Seattle / Tacoma area business will be searching for someone with his or her skills.

“Resume” ads are likely to be a longshot — most Seattle employers post their own ads with jobs available and wait for job-seekers to come to them instead of looking randomly at online résumés. However, résumé ads are free to post, so there is nothing to lose but time by posting them.