Craigslist Free Stuff

craigslist-free-stuffEach city or regional version of Craigslist, the (mostly) free classifieds site, has a “Free Stuff” section. This section allows people to list things they are willing to give away free of charge — and of course gives others the chance to find things they might need without paying for them.

Not surprisingly, just about all “free stuff” is used.

To find the Free Stuff area of a Craigslist classifieds site, look for the “for sale” heading on the home page of the site, then look for the “free” link under that heading. The Free Stuff link is circled in orange on the photo above.

Items you’re likely to find for free:

  • Furniture
  • Materials such as scrap metal, wood, bricks, etc.
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Exercise equipment and weights